Need an educational activity your kids will love?

Joyful experiences stick with us—including educational ones! Build confidence, strengthen family connection, and help your child meet developmental milestones through the power of music.

Bluebird Bluebird for babies and young toddlers during SUMMER A
Chirp, Tweet, Quack! This class is a sound-rich flight of fancy in the sky where you will explore birds, feathers and outdoors. Join birds as they chirp, tweet and peck around early in the summer. Vocal play is a focus in this unit that celebrates music, instruments, and delightful floating and flying in the great outdoors. 

Carnival of Music for toddlers and families during SUMMER A
We're all natural music makers! In this carnival themed class for families, we will become comfortable with instruments and our ability to play them, and explore timbre, steady beat and ensemble experiences. We'll move, play, sing and through sounds, stories, songs, and games, learn about what carnivals have to offer: carousels, clowns, yummy food, and more. Step right up, we are off to the Carnival of Music! 

Nature Walk for babies and young toddlers during SUMMER B
Let’s explore the wonders and sensations of the outdoors! We’ll use our eyes to look all around, and our ears to listen to all of the sounds we hear. Plus, we’ll touch, and smell, and move, and play! There’s no feast for the senses quite like a Nature Walk.

In My Garden for toddlers and families during SUMMER B
Some of the best learning can happen in your own back yard! In this unit, we’ll buzz like bees, fly like butterflies, and sing like birds as we discover the hidden delights of the garden. We’ll listen, sing, move, and play instruments; we’ll learn to cooperate with partners as we roll balls to music; and we’ll learn to work within a group as we dance in a circle and move with a parachute. And while we’re exploring the great outdoors, we’ll also be exploring musical expression – using tempo, articulation, and dynamics. So get ready for a music-and-nature adventure In My Garden!

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Fall registration is now open to all families (no payment until Sept 1). 
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Joy is contagious. Children's joy even more so. The last two years have confirmed what we have always known. Being in person in a group with young children is imperative to a child's development, and provides a healthy experience for the adults as well. Come sing, play, laugh, and enjoy our classroom experiences. Our vision is to bring Joy, Learning, Acceptance, Growth and Excellence to families through high quality music education.  We are celebrating 21 years of Kindermusik in Tarentum, Sarver, Murrysville and Fox Chapel/Harmar. Musical learning for children from birth through 100.

  • Experience the love and acceptance that our musical community brings to you and your child as you learn and grow together.  "I wish this Kindermusik class could last forever." Mindy Dieckmann

  • We offer a gentle safe musical group experiences for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and families as well as group piano, ukulele and singing lessons to children ages five and up. We offer private piano lessons for ages 6 though 100.

  • Our highly trained and accredited educators know exactly how to work with young children, and provide the best experience through our Kindermusik classes and lessons.

  • All of our staff and educators are fully vaccinated against Covid-19, with boosters. Our classes are mask optional with the request that you do not attend when anyone is sick and easily schedule a makeup class.

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"From the moment my daughter walked into class she was engaged and loving every minute of it! She immediately took to the teacher by hanging on to her every word and movement. It was so nice to see my child listening while having fun. My daughter is involved in other activities but I could see a clear difference at Kindermusik. The classes kept her attention and she was so excited to participate for the entire 45 minutes! In the end that's what we all want for our kids right? To learn, laugh, sing, dance and make friends in a warm environment. We found all those things and more at Kindermusik with Christa Beck."   Kindermusik Parent Jenn H.





We strive to be an environment where everyone is welcome and accepted while focusing on play, music and learning. Connect, laugh, play, breathe, smile. Experience the love and connection that our musical community brings to you and your children as you learn and grow together. Set the foundation for a lifetime love of music with your child. Nurture an early aptitude for music, and experience memories that you will hold onto for the rest of your life!

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Ages and Stages

Ages and Stages

Come see why so many families whole-heartedly recommend Kindermusik with Christa Beck. The joy of a circle dance with other families, the snuggling with your little one during quiet time, the giggles and smiles present while you discovered a new instrument or a chant or a fingerplay. Our goal is simple - to help children grow, learn and develop at their own pace, using music as the tool.

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Benefits & Class info

Benefits & Class info

Music contributes to a well-rounded education for learners of all ages by supporting learning across multiple domains. Psychologists, scientists, and experts in early childhood development have demonstrated that music does more than bring children joy; it helps their brain cells make the connections needed for every kind of intelligence.

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Kindermusik Classes

Kindermusik Classes

Having fun is just the beginning! Our award-winning curricula and world-class educators provide engaging musical learning experiences during the years most critical to brain development.

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Recognized as a Kindermusik Top Program

Our studio has been awarded the Kindermusik Top Program award, the highest recognition awarded by Kindermusik International. This award recognizes the top Kindermusik programs internationally for profoundly impacting the mission to reach all children with the benefits of Kindermusik.

Kindermusik Licensed Educator

He likes to come to a place where he can experience music in the world around him with all of his senses with friends and kids his own age

- Jamie Pierce
Kindermusik Parent

I cannot say enough about the program; everything has encouraged any sort of interaction. Kids are allowed to be whoever they want to be and we just love it. It is a great time for us to be together.

- Sarah Emanuel
Kindermusik Parent