Acceptance. Connection. Joy. Excellence. Growth.

Every part of your Kindermusik experience is designed with our beliefs at heart. Music is a powerful tool to help create the most optimal environment for success and growth. We care about every detail, and look forward to sharing this incredible experience each week with you.


Acceptance:  We believe in the value of every human. Each child and parent is accepted and welcomed into our studio, exactly where they are both developmentally and musically. Our magical approach engages all children and families.

Connection: Parents are children’s most important educators. We believe in developing, supporting, strengthening, and encouraging the connection between parent & child, as well as the connection between families. It takes a village to raise children, and our classrooms offer that village to all who enter.

Joy:  Experience true simple rewarding joy in our classrooms where you will play, explore instruments together, laugh, dance, cuddle, be silly, and grow into lovers of music and learning.

Excellence:  We believe in the highest quality experience, both inside and outside the classroom.  From the safest & cleanest instruments, to the most immaculate classrooms, Kindermusik is the premier program in every detail.

Growth:  Children’s brains grow the most in the first five years of life. We believe the foundations we help set now greatly influence learning the rest of a child’s life. Music plays a vital part in that learning process.



"I have seen my daughter flourish in such a short amount of time at Kindermusik. She loves class, always learns something new and has a smile on her face the entire time." Kindermusik mom, Amanda Sheaffer