Children love to sing. Singing lessons trains the voice, and gives children a chance to shine! We offer both private lessons and group singing lesson. 

The human voice is the first instrument used to produce music together, and it has helped members of a group to develop their skills, share emotions, and provide a sense of belonging. Now more than ever, it is time to join the social act of singing.

Singing creates a strong, emotional and happy connection.  This experience will support and develop your child's emerging vocal skills, including utilizing the most important vocal techniques for young singers. 

Your child will love the opportunity to sing their heart out, without having to audition or prepare a solo. You will delight in seeing your child develop vocal skills, self confidence, and the ability to perform alone, in groups or sing in school musicals and other opportunities.

Our private voice lessons meet once a week for 30 minutes in our Tarentum studio with Miss Meg.

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Our Young Singers and Tween Singers return in February for a winter/spring full of group singing. Click the above links to learn more about Young Singers or Tween Singers.