Kindermusik with Christa Beck offers ongoing enrollment for the school year for all of our studio classes. This means you stay enrolled through May, once you join us, with all of the benefits of enrollment, unless you let us know you need to withdraw. At May, we finish all classes and lessons, have a year end party, and a re-start with summer then fall enrollment.


Summer enrollments are separate, and school year starts in September and finishes in May, 9 months of classes and payments, unless you decide to "Pause" before the end of the school year. You can withdraw and then start up again at any time of the year. Just be sure to submit your change before the 15th of the month, then there is no charge for the following month and you may finish your paid month. If you submit a late pause request, a $35 late fee will apply, or you may stay through the following month and then pause enrollment. Please be aware that all make-ups must be done while you are actively enrolled. You will lose all make-ups once you withdraw. Sometimes a better plan is to continue to stay enrolled so that you can don't lose the classes you have missed! Your space will also be opened to new families and there is no guarantee of it being available upon your return.


Withdrawing from classes is simple, but please consider the thoughts below before making your decision.


Make Kindermusik a priority, because music education should come first.

We understand. It is hard to do all that is out there right now for young children. There are lots of choices of activities and limits on the wallet. But we strongly believe that a solid early childhood music education has lifelong lasting benefits. It’s more than just music.  In Kindermusik it's about developmental skills, emotional and social skills, cognitive and language skills. Lessons are about routine, goals, effort, and achievement. All musical experiences are about exploring with creativity and building confidence. We are truly shaping young minds that some day will indeed change the world.


"It's Just a Phase"

Children will go through phases. A teething phase. A "do it myself" phase. An "I don't want to practice" phase. But phases do indeed end. They are not permanent. The best thing you can do is support your child during a phase, and not change the routines and rituals, since those are vital to helping a child navigate through a phase. We are willing to stick it out through phases, and hope you will as well.


Is your child seeming un-interested in the activities in Kindermusik? It's ok! They do that sometimes. We meet children at their level, in their phase. It's why they are free to walk around the room. It may annoy you, as you want your child to participate in every single activity, right? But this is about supporting them in what they need. Letting them have a bit of choice.  Try doing some of the activities at home, in their own environment. Use your Kindermusik Online access. Trust us. Hang tight, they will come back around.


If you find a change is needed.

We know that schedules change (including nap schedules!), but don't withdraw simply because your schedule changes. If your current class isn't working for your schedule, we can easily find a time that does. And occasionally you may find that a switch of classes/teachers is best. All of our educators are extremely talented and trained, but each one is also unique. If you would like to try a different class/teacher, just let us know!


The Change in Enrollment form is located here - someone will be in touch with you within 24 hours of your submission.