Kindermusik for 0's and young 1's (0-15 months)

45 minute classes, with parents.

What should a baby’s first music class really offer?

More than just lullabies and swaying, Kindermusik classes offer a comprehensive experience. Our accredited Educators not only incorporate these elements, but also guide families in understanding how activities like sound exploration, interactive listening, and joyful dances play a pivotal role. These practices are instrumental in helping babies communicate effectively, honing eye-tracking skills, and nurturing the development of movement and coordination in their growing muscles.

What to expect...

Object Exploration: From scarves to shakers, little ones will use all of their senses to explore a variety of safe, engaging props and instruments.

Vocal Plays:Your turn! Babies will participate in back-and-forth vocal plays and other parent-child interactions, helping them with early language development.

Listening: Sing it again...babies will experience a variety of songs and rhymes in different ways. Bonus: a parent’s singing voice is their favorite!

Bonding Exercises: The best part...parents and caregivers learn bonding techniques through intentional touch, baby massage, and relaxation activities.

What you'll learn...

Movement Control:Different movement activities help babies strengthen their core muscles, which increases their sense of balance and control over movements.

Social Adaptability: Group activities allow babies to experience familiar and unfamiliar social experiences in a safe and secure way.

Language and Literacy Development:Introducing spoken sounds and rhythms through songs and rhymes helps support language and literacy development.

Self-Regulation:Associating music with tricky transitions like nap time helps establish calm and encourages self-soothing.

Within Kindermusik, we'll enlighten you about brain development through the dynamic duo of music and movement, equipping you with invaluable tools for your parenting journey. While we provide the essential songs, fingerplays, and dances, we also create a space for you to relish and embrace these fleeting early moments. Engaging actively in singing and dancing, you'll simultaneously witness the independent learning journey of your little one. 
Enroll online. Pay monthly for ease. Schedule makeups for any missed classes. We make it easy to give Kindermusik a try and stay as long as you wish. Just notify us by the 15th of the month if you wish to pause the following month, so we can stop billing.

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