Perfect for young children!

Calling all 5-12 year olds (flexible age range), come learn to play the Uke with Miss Christa for 8 weeks this fall!

The ukulele is a great first instrument for anyone to learn. They are easy to learn, affordable the small size of the ukulele fits perfectly with  beginners. The strings are easy to press down and to hold chords. There are four strings on a ukulele as opposed to six on a guitar, which suits them well for beginners!

Imagine your child strumming away on the uke, singing along, and reveling in the new accomplishment. 
Now is truly a wonderful time to learn how to play the uke this fall!

Uke group lessons meet for 40 minutes each week, from September 13 through November 1.
Mondays 4:30pm or Tuesdays 4:30pm.
Group lessons cost two payments of $75. Ukulele is not included; recommendations will be made for purchase of a soprano ukulele or you may use one if you already have it. Average cost of a ukulele is around $50.

Options for a second level of classes will be available for 8 weeks over winter, and 8 weeks over spring.

Registration is now open here